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Ascot Bin Hire has been committed to providing top-notch skip bin hire services to the residents and businesses of Coburg and the greater Melbourne area for more than two decades. Our range of bin sizes is extensive and is tailored to suit the waste management requirements of both residential and commercial customers. We take pride in simplifying the process of finding the ideal solution for your rubbish removal needs. Our main objective is to provide fast, efficient, and dependable skip bin hire services that surpass your expectations. You can trust us for your waste management needs, we’ll handle everything with professionalism and expertise.

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Why Choose Skip Bins Hire by Ascot

At Ascot Bin Hire, we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering high-quality skip bins for hire in Coburg and nearby areas including Preston, Reservoir, Campbellfield and beyond. Our skip bins are sturdy, reliable and suitable for all kinds of general waste, including green waste, garden waste, household rubbish, commercial waste, heavy waste, and construction waste. Unfortunately, as durable as they are, you cannot place toxic waste types in our bins. Toxic waste materials should be handled by specifically trained professionals as mishandling or mismanagement of these elements may cause severe problems. 

Ascot Bin Hire is an eco-friendly company and is dedicated to providing nothing but the best! When we say the best, we mean offering the best price, the best quality, the best services, and most importantly, the best for our environment. We only have one earth to live on, so we take recycling seriously. When you choose Ascot, you do not need to worry about anything!

Available Skip Bins

Finding the right skip bin sizes is hard, especially for first-timers. The first thing one must consider when booking a skip bin hire service is the nature of your rubbish removal project. Do you only require a bin for general household waste? We have a 2 cubic metre container that is ideal for your requirements. Do you require a skip for your ongoing renovation project? Our 3 cubic metre bin should be perfect for the job. Do you require skip bins for your construction waste or builders’ waste? We have skip bins as large as 31 cubic metres to accommodate modest building projects as well as large construction and commercial projects.

It’s important to note that skip bins should never be overloaded. Overloading can make moving them dangerous, and you may be charged an additional fee for overfilled containers. That is why choosing the right size skip bin for your rubbish disposal needs is crucial. To be sure, we always recommend reserving a trash bin one size larger than your estimate; this allows space for unaccounted garbage and eliminates the potential of having to hire another skip bin, which would be an additional price for you.

Ascot Skip Hire Coburg offers a dependable and efficient rubbish removal service. By picking the appropriate skip bin size, you may save money while also ensuring that your waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Contact Ascot Skip Bin Hire right away to find out what skip bin size is suitable for you!

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